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> Zenit - Manchester United, a supercup UEFA, victory Zenit
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Zenit - Manchester United 2:1

In a match for a supercup UEFA the strongest became Zenit from Saint Petersburg!!!

In the first time the Zenit attacked more and had many opportunities to hammer. Very much Good outputs Alexander Anyukov on the right flank not once cut defense of Manchester. At MU did not play Ronaldo, but there was on game, according to some information at it a trauma. As it was a pity to look at it when the Zenith FK has hammered in 2-nd ball.

And so the first goal was hammered by Paul Pogrebnjak after submission angular Danny (by the way it became the best and strongest player of a match)., the ball has got on a near bar Denis's head and has struck it further, having thrown Edwin van der Sar and Pavel it was necessary to bring simply a ball, that it has made a head, on road nearly has not dragged the defender in a grid. The most beautiful goal, in style of Englishmen (we beat their their weapon).

In the first time game passed in fast rate and the Zenit has simply changed Manchester, especially in the middle of a field, and very beautifully and in details.
Beautiful submission through all penal and Крыжанец has punched in falling in one contact, but has got in goalkeeper Players of Manchester, Edwin van der Sar

Players of Manchester did not stand on a place and Carlos Alberto Tеvez nhas very beautifully made равок meters on 50 and has passed on the line of a field and then and along an angular line, to it desperately stirred Анюков and as a result exact impact on a gate it has not turned out.

Carlos Alberto Tеvez from Argentina, played quickly, beautifully, but it is sometimes very rough, in the end it has received a yellow card, has earned it having brought down Anatoly Timoshchuka. (for such it is necessary to give red, it is simply rough with всемо a move in a leg)

Very well operated Dominges playing a sheaf with Danny.
After a break, Dominges has replaced Arshavin.

On 60 minute Danny hammers second in a ball into gate Manchester. Has taken game on itself and has beaten two defenders and has struck from under legs. Beautifully.

Unfortunately Andrey Arshavin has unsuccessfully played, only literally first contact has beaten 2 defenders and has given an inexact pass and it almost all for 45 minutes of the second time.

After the hammered goal the Zenit has played badly and has given the initiative in the middle weeding as a result a little Attacks and a ridiculous goal which has hammered Nemanja Vidićon 73 minute. Fairly to tell Zenith has simply risen and stood while to it will hammer, as though wishing that Manchester has not remained without a goal (giving due to a command выйгравшей league of champions).

At dark bluewas white blue (by the way on a match the new form, gently blue color has been presented, the truth very beautiful) the moment after which has been simply obliged to hammer Danni, however it and has made this moment, having run with Ball 50 meters and having given pass Arshavin, and Andrey has again returned to its Portuguese who having made movements and having beaten players of protection has punched pair by a gate from 5 meters... It is very a pity, it would be very beautiful. And this third goal would finish in this match. But... Happens...

In the end of a match Paul Aaron Scholes which has hammered in a ball simply on Volleyball and has run to be pleased, for what has received a red card and has gone to examine on tribunes. But the ball is good. Has simply put in Distant from Maslafeev a corner.

In general all on business. The zenith was better and has created more moments, and has deservedly taken 11 in history a supercup of UEFA.

In Zenit have played all well, both Malafeev and Ivica Krizanac and Paul Pogrebnjak, Dominges, Denisov, Zyryanov, Danny, Shirokov,Puygrenier, Timochuk, by the way in the second have given due to Vladislav Radimov and it has left on replacement instead of Sebastien Puygrenier, Alexander Anjukov, Radek Shirl.

All can be put the maximum estimation.

The zenit became the WINNER Has taken 11 a supercup of UEFA. I congratulate all Russians on this victory!
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